Referral Partnership Program

Grow the Commons community together – refer new members and get rewarded.

For every referral who joins the community, Commons will pay the greater of 10% of the value of the first 12 months of the contract or 5% of the lifetime value of the contract.

Ask us anything

What information do I need to provide to submit an introduction?

Is there a limit to how many clients I can introduce?

What do I get if I introduce my client to Commons?

When will I receive my fee payment?

How will I know if my client introduction was successful?

Will I earn additional fees if my client expands at Commons?

Where can I read Commons Referral Program Terms of Service?

How can I maintain my own relationship with my client?

How do I know which features and amenities each Commons location has?

Do I have access to any Commons benefits or events for participating in the Commons Referral Program?

How can I get help if I have additional questions?

Which membership plans qualify for a fee?

How does the Commons sales process work?

How can I support the sales process?

Can I be involved in the process with my client?

Can I give the tour myself?

How can I learn more about Commons so I can sell it to my client?