The Community is Real!

Giulia Maria Cotoi
January 29, 2019

Last week at Commons Lounge we all enjoyed a super-chilled coworking meetup. At the end of a cold wet Thursday, we gathered round the fireplace for some hot chocolate, cookies and quality downtime with our fellow Commoners. It was the perfect setting to wind down, get to know one another better and form new connections. We were joined by David Canta, one of the co-founders of Commons Bucharest, who explained to us his passion for the coworking industry and why he believes this is the future of the workspace. Soon we were all sharing own professional experiences and ambitions. Then everyone stayed to chat. Most conversations had nothing to do with business and the goal wasn’t networking; people were just having a good time in a social environment.

The evening went on way longer than we had expected. The last Commoners left after 8:30. It was great to see how the community is really gelling. This is how coworking should really be. Not an overhyped marketing tool, but a genuine organic community to which people feel they actually belong. We’re a diverse group here at Commons, most of us come from very different professional backgrounds, but even in a short period of time, the community is becoming a real thing. We take great pride in our community and we’re looking forward to welcoming new members to it.

See you at the next fireside chat.