It all started in Bucharest

Jesse Schimmel
January 20, 2018

It all started in Bucharest

When we started discussing where to open our first Commons Lounge, Bucharest was admittedly not on the top of our list. However, after a few visits to the bustling and energetic city, we quickly realized that Bucharest was teeming with supremely talented and industriousness entrepreneurs, freelancers and micro-enterprises who do not have the access to the support framework necessary to thrive. We saw that Bucharest was crying out for Commons. The start-up community needed a workspace which provided access to a community of like-minded individuals with whom members could share and exchange ideas and form meaningful social relationships. A workspace which provided a structure of professional guidance and support from experienced players from a broad range of industries. A workspace designed to inspire creative energy and a comfortable sense of well-being. If Commons could provide such an environment, Bucharest’s new generation of entrepreneurs and freelancers could take their businesses to the next level and truly ‘work wonders’.

Casablanca…here we come!

Two months down the line and we’re already witnessing first-hand the crucial role Commons is starting to play in Bucharest’s start-up scene. So we decided its time to open our next coworking space in a similar economic ecosystem.

Like Bucharest – Casablanca’s ambitious and innovative ecosystem of entrepreneurs and freelancers has so much to offer but is lacking the support framework to maximize potential. Our vision for Commons Casablanca is crystal clear. With the full Commons coworking package of vibrant community, expert mentoring, professional guidance and sense of well-being, Casablanca will soon emerge as a regional paradigm of entrepreneurial success.