Empowering you to WORK WONDERS

We Are Commons

At Commons, we curate an atmosphere which promotes creativity, productivity, collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Our in-house designers ensure that each location is optimally laid out; perfectly balancing private and communal space. From freelancers or startups to teams of all sizes, grow your business in one of our uniquely designed workspaces whilst still being part of a wider community of entrepreneurial minds.

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Commons is a family business at heart. Founded by a group of cousins we understand that community and a strong network are the driving force behind growth and success; we channel this energy directly into all that we are and do.

Grab a morning coffee with a fellow commoner, catch up over lunch in our informal kitchen area, or take a break with new friends in one of our comfy lounges.

Our communal spaces are the core of every Commons, designed to encourage natural interactions and connection. Enhance your social and professional network by attending our events. From lectures and workshops to morning yoga and games nights - the Commons events team have you covered.